Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Players...

Ok-here's the deal...I want this to be a great, easy, humorous, informative, fast, real, live, interactive way for all of us to touch base and stay connected with each any point in time-I openly welcome direction for creative control or suggestions but I want something "Babysitters Club" style only on steroids! Cuz we're better than all of that, but, HERE WE GO!

From week to week there will be new topics where everyone can comment, and when I mean everyone, I mean everyone. Whoever or whenever we have time cuz I know we're all in this crazy busy stage but since we all know and love each others families, they are free to jump in on topics or just laugh at how ridiculous we all are or just enjoy reading it.

This week's suggestions comes from our D.C. correspondent, Liz...a topic we have discussed before but...what is your word...I know I should word that differently. I mean-if there is going to be one word to describe your life, your personality, your dream, your mission-what would it be???