Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Players...

Ok-here's the deal...I want this to be a great, easy, humorous, informative, fast, real, live, interactive way for all of us to touch base and stay connected with each any point in time-I openly welcome direction for creative control or suggestions but I want something "Babysitters Club" style only on steroids! Cuz we're better than all of that, but, HERE WE GO!

From week to week there will be new topics where everyone can comment, and when I mean everyone, I mean everyone. Whoever or whenever we have time cuz I know we're all in this crazy busy stage but since we all know and love each others families, they are free to jump in on topics or just laugh at how ridiculous we all are or just enjoy reading it.

This week's suggestions comes from our D.C. correspondent, Liz...a topic we have discussed before but...what is your word...I know I should word that differently. I mean-if there is going to be one word to describe your life, your personality, your dream, your mission-what would it be???


  1. I'm not quite sure how to make a new post...and this has nothing to do with your topic...but I wanted to share it with you. We are currently in San Fran couch surfing with a couple with three cats. I just wanted you to be able to understand Mill's love affair with these pretty kitties. The first night we came in after the couple was asleep and two of the cats escaped. Yeah, before they even met us we lost two of the precious animals. We all have panic on our faces, and before we know it Mills has dropped on all fours and is meowing to the cats, talking to them, beckoning them to come back. She succeeded with one, I had to go capture the other. That's where it all began. It has continued for a few days, and tonight we were at Target and she decides to buy treats for them, to make them love here even more. We pull up to the house and see the cats chilling in the front yard, and she is so excited to feed them that she just starts ripping open the first bag she finds. Dede kindly points out that it is actually her trail mix she is opening and Mills exclaims "Thank goodness for your voice of reason in all my madness!" quickly finds the correct bag, jumps out of the car, and begins feeding the cats on the driveway. An hour later we are walking back into our bedrooms and Jenn steps in cat vomit...from the treats that Mills fed the cats...on their bedroom floor. too good.

    And I would want to be remembered as seductress. That's my word.

  2. I would have to say my word would be ridiculous. For some reasOn this was the first word that came to my mind. I think it's because I immediately thought of a fee stories where people flat out labeled me as such. Allow me to reminice. 1. Freshman year bowling in my 80's onesie outfit (I'm sure you all remember it well :)) 2. Backpack quest 3. Mills and I dressing up as sister missionaries andgoing with everyone to dinner 4. My love for old people 5. Me kissing the guitar 6. Singing memz and SJ goodnight at night with my guitar 7. Wrestlemania outfits 8. Writing an impromptu essay about kanye's quote... Oh man... there are TONS more I just dont have time to write right now. But basicall no shame is what it boils down to I think :) I love you all though. Thanks for loving me although I was and still am a bit ridiculous at times.

  3. Rachel, GREAT JOB on this!!!! It looks so good!
    And I'm so proud to be called the DC correspondent and be able to represent for over here!
    SJ, love love love everything you wrote. Love it. Love Mills. Love how she was with the cats. (Also love San Fran)
    My word is essentially the same as last time (real) but maybe a little bit more's genuine.
    I don't know if it defines me now, but it's something I strive for, so that's what I choose.
    People, my first class in GRAD SCHOOL starts tomorrow!!!

  4. Okay, first of all I would like to apologize to Rachel for taking so long to post on here. I have being meaning to do it, but figuring out a word has been harder than I anticipated. I would like to present 2 words, and if anyone feels so inclined they can help me choose one of the two, or I will just stick with both of them.

    I choose Empathic as my first word. The second word is very similar but somehow different, which I still don't entirely understand. (Similar to how effect and affect still confuse me. Whatevs) My second word is Compassionate. If any of you would like to weigh in on this matter I would love that, but at the same time I am fine with just having 2 words, even though that is technically cheating. I feel like they are simliar enough that it isn't really cheating though...

  5. My have thought of that when I was doing word would be present. Sounds weird I know, but I want to be an active part of my own life, ya know??? Holiday reference there kinda with being the leading lady in your own life, yadda yadda. Not quite like that but I just want to be there enjoying each moment and hoping that the people I care about most remember me. Remember me being there for them in whatever capacity they needed and at the same time being able to live my life to the fullest...has the capacity of sounding really cheesy, but...yeah!

  6. I am so furious...I just typed a great response and then I could not get the comment to add. So now you are going to get the condensed version, which saddens me because the first one was so great. The word that I would most like o be remembered as, is original. It was one of the first things that came to my mind when I was thinking about this, well at least it was one of the only serious words that came to my mind. Some others to note were sexy, hot, and ridiculous-shout out to kandis for that one. But original was the first real one that came to my mind. I would like to be known for being original and for not being the norm. So there youhave it ladies of the elitist afterparty, hopefullynow I can just live up to my word.

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  8. This is long overdue but here it is... I think my word would be "real". I want people to know the real me and either love me or hate me for that.It also reminds me of all the ridiculous girls on trashy television that obviously end up being my favorites. On a deeper note, I think being more real/vulnerable/letting people see the true me would help me grow.