Monday, October 3, 2011


And on to the next one...comes from our West coast correspondent who promises to be the next Stacy, not SJ (even though it said that in her yearbook entry, too). Dede! She wants to know the best and the worst thing that happened to everyone in the past week. Side note, did you guys know that I used to do that with Cassie most nights before bed when I lived at home? I asked for her happy and sad of the day...I'm sure our answers will be very different from that of a toddler, but, I dunno-I didn't get to buy what I wanted at the store today...grant it mine was a coat from Anthro and her answer was probably a barbie, but still...
Really though, relating back to Lizzi therapy, I think this will help us help each other, because I know we've been doing well at keeping in touch and some (def not me) don't like to talk about anything that bothers or upsets us, but we can help each other by knowing even the bad stuff thats going on...
Oh...and don't forget...there might or might not be some birthdays coming up.


  1. That was a very enlightening post for two reasons:
    For me, because the way you wrote "grant it" now gives me a perfect understanding of why you pronounce it the way you do. I always thought of it as "granted" and that you just said it weird, but really you were saying something different.
    Also, everyone, please just know that I spell my name as Lizzy (when that's my name, as it used to be), but Rachel has some aversion to that. I happen to not like Lizzie, simply because my mother named me Lizzy. Rachel and I have discussed this several times. And she has created Lizzi.
    But the real answer to the real question is...
    The most uncomfortable I felt in the past week was on Thursday evening when I went to pick up Melveon (my gem of a tutoring kid) and he wasn't home nor answering any calls. So I went up to his door. And then was directed across the street to the rec center where I wandered aimlessly and with nothing to show for myself since he could not be found. The key here is that I am white. The other key is that he lives in a complex of townhouses where everyone is black. Everyone. And staring at me. Because they hang out outside on their front lawns together and the teenagers at the rec center. And everyone was wondering what the hell a white girl was doing walking around their hood (that's what Melveon calls it, so I'm doing it too), for a long time, looking for something that she couldn't even find.
    Not scary, but I was the minorest of minorities for a few minutes. Eeek!

    The best thing was probably the combination of watching Conference on Sunday at someone else's apartment that I love (and sorta wished I lived in) that is decorated so beautifully and it was warm and autumn cozy and filled with fall delights including a pumpkin mousse and orange zest gingersnaps. And then going back to my apartment to cook bacon and eat a delicious breakfast dinner.

    Do those count?

  2. Lizzi! Those ABSOLUTELY count...especially the uncomfortable one...I was loving that story!

  3. Worst part of this week... trying to buy the perfect pair of boots only to discover that they no longer had my size! (Yeah, it's been a pretty good week). Best part of this last week... Luke meeting my parents/spending time with my family and it going really well/getting to spend time with my family during conference weekend.

    Liz, parts of your life sound absolutely ridiculous and I LOVE it! Video chat soon?

  4. Best part of the week was probably on Tuesday when I walked into work. All of the 60-year-old men in the paint shop had choreographed this little routine that started with Phil saying "1,2,3" and then they all started bowing down to me. They always call me the queen of the paint shop because A. I'm the only girl, B. I'm the one who assigns all of the work orders out and C. I'm the only one who knows how to use a computer. It was really funny and made me feel great. I can see why royalty likes it.

    Worst part of the week was also at work. Somehow every time I use the bathroom in the BRWB the same lady is there breastfeeding her kid. Every time! I even try to switch up when I go so that I can avoid seeing her, but without fail she is there. So I guess that's not that bad but it's super awkward.

    I also want to echo that Liz's post is great! Especially because I imagine it as a movie, complete with the soundtrack of Save The Last Dance.

  5. The best part of my week was going to Cedar City to see Alex in a play with Connie and some other friends from home. It was so good to catch up and just remember how good friendships are. It's like a song I learned in Girl Scouts...yes, I was a girl scout, granted I only went through it to the Daisy level..aka one year. But it went a little something like this..ahem..."make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and the others gold." Thank you, thank you very much.

    But something I have REALLLLLLy been struggling with is the fact that I can't have a dog right now. I want one soooo bad. It's like when women crave babies--except mine is for a fury best friend. I researched dogs until late last night trying to decide which breed would best fit my personality. Then I realized I can't possibly have a dog for atleast another two or three years...which was just too depressing so I stopped the google searching.

  6. I have really liked this one...

    Worst part of the week-feel like I always had to start with that one to end on a happy note. I hated not being in Provo this weekend for Deeds birthday where everyone was coming together. Obviously, I've missed everyone and a few of you went on a trip to CA and I got to see Liz one day and she's coming here in a couple weeks, but I feel like this was the first big group gathering, as far as I know, since we've been gone...sad...also I missed our video chat yesterday...double frown

    Best part...there have been several...1. I passed my audition at the elitist flower shop-woot! I still have one more interview though-it's like I'm interviewing for the U.N. or something (3rd rounds!) 2. I went to Rhode Island this weekend-Newport to be specific and found where we can all live when we're old and grey (gray? which is it?) Most beautiful place I have EVER been. Beach scene + green + historical + architectural + it. 3. I was really able to help someone in a really significant and unique way-felt good!

  7. Worst part of my week happened yesterday. I am basically the travel agent at work and yesterday several last minute changes had to be made to one ticket, i had to book several last minute tickets, and the guy who I have to get approval from is in London right now. So basically my day consisted of being put on hold with delta for four hours, finally getting through to my boss in london, being mis-quoted by delta, failing to get approval again, and finally just making an executive decision. It's usually not that stressful but yesterday I was in over my head with frustration!

    On a better note, however, I had a stoke of genus this week and decided what I want greg and I to be for halloween... you all know how I love to dress up... and I have decided that we are going to be Yzma and Kronk. So perfect, right?

    That's about it for now. I love this idea though!