Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just so you know, Jeff, you are now creating 6 different timelines

ok, crew...this week we've had a submission from our techie, the recent and openly admitting pinterest addict, and witch doctor...
Miss Marilla (oooo, I hope I spelt that right) wants to know about something each of us have in the works. What's a plan that you have right now that is creating your future path?

Is it something we already know? And if so, tell us about the recent developments or adjustments or upsets, or whatever. If it's something that we don't know about...details, we'd like them! Why do you have this goal? What does it mean for your future? What was your thought process in setting this goal? Why haven't you told all of us about it?

Ok, so I made that sound like we're investigating each other...simplified-we've all kind of had some course adjustments in the last few months-what is something you've changed since then that is fresh, new, life-altering, something that is making you better, or going to change your course again?

P.S. I miss you all! I started listening to 'N Sync Home for Christmas today...yayuh!


  1. Well, hello. I would first like to apologize to Rachel for taking so long to get on this thing. Turns out I have reading issues when it comes to blogs, really short attention span. I believe this is because I'm on the computer every day for 8+ hours.

    This is what's going on. I'm on a quest to retrieve the years of my life that I lost in college. You know, those that were shaved off due to a huge lack of sleep, intense stress, and inappropriate eating. Sleep: I got my king bed back and have started sleeping for an average of 7.5 hours EVERY NIGHT! This hasn't happened since like elementary school. Eating: I have started making real food. I make a lunch each night for the following day. I shop at Winco. Marci and I share milk and make dinner together. Two days ago we went through half a gallon in one day. Stress: I am no longer stressed about not sleeping or eating. I read while Max does homework and I have watched several Lifetime movies in the past two weeks. Oh and I have a job=money.

    This quest to regain life is also related to my quest to become a real adult. So far I like it!

  2. and what is this title?! who is jeff?!

  3. My comment would be...mostly changes I have already made & the things that are presenting themselves because of those choices. But, we can catch up on all of those things during a group hangout.
    My recent thing has been to not hold back. Let me explain...based off of a speaker last year, it really stuck with me on how we miss out on experiences because we play it safe. I have no desire to miss out on any opportunities! Por ejemplo-I feel like I talk about the church a lot and have a lot of missionary experiences because I dont hold back. I chopped off my hair, and I almost dont recognize myself, but I have had VERY positive feedback-irregardless, I'm glad I did it with or without that reinforcement. I have become a more aggressive driver to keep from constantly getting run over by aggressive East cost crazies. I will attend activities solo to meet people...i dunno, I feel like that's a good sampling. Is that right Mossi?

  4. You cut off your hair?!?! Did you tell anyone this? Am I the only one that doesn't know? I just saw you, but now it's different! Show me please!!! And also...could you answer Em's question?

    And for the real question, I'm gonna go boring with this one, but I'm in a grad program so I can have a career. I think that covers the path to the future thing. It's school...so I don't read anything I'm supposed to but I do assignments and go to class and study for the few tests I have and record myself "counseling" my classmate. I like it. I get to real practice on children in January (and not just you guys anymore :) )

  5. Haha. Lizzi it's from Community. A few weeks ago, that was the tag line & it happened to apply to our topic so I used it. & i'll post a picture of my hair soon!

  6. I am pleased with the responses thus far. Rizz, I apologize for taking so long to answer this one, things have been crazy.

    I think the biggest thing I have in the works is obviously my move to Arizona, which is quickly approaching (about 7 weeks away). My plan after graduation is to find a job wherever someone will hire me, preferably in a foreign country (Yes this is a somewhat real possibility)

    But another important thing I want to implement is more of the gospel in my life. I have reached this point where I either have to start delving in deeper, or just abandon things altogether(which would never happen). So obviously I must delve deeper into the gospel. Mostly I am planning on reading some extra material on the subject (Jesus the Christ, The Infinite Atonement, Lectures on Faith, The Miracle of Forgiveness, etc...) I feel like the changes of the next year are going to be very difficult and I will need a strong base on which to rely. I also want to focus on the atonement, as my patriarchal blessing has told me it is my lifelong mission to gain a thorough knowledge of that atonement.

    Sorry for how long and religion centered this has been. But that is what I have been thinking about mostly.

    Love you guys!

  7. I feel you girl. You gotta do it. Part of making sure you can become a real adult. Know where you stand in your personally claimed faith. It's good for the real world.
    (Em...is this on your list? Jk, it always has been, as far as I can tell.)